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TAP STEPS Dictionary
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B Bell steps Step2 Jump
  Bombershay Step1 Riff
  Bombershay Toe Step1 Riff
       Single standard break Step3 Riff
       Double standard break Step3 Riff
       Triple standard break Step3 Riff
       Double Triple Standard Break Step3 Riff
       Single Toe Tap Standard Break Step3 Riff
       Double Toe Tap Standard Break Step3 Riff
       Double Buck Break Step3 Riff
       Triple Buck Break Step3 Riff
       Double Triple Buck Break Step3 Riff
      Single Toe Tap Buck Break Step3 Riff
C Call & Response    
       Flap Shaffle Paddleroll Step1  Call & Response
  Cincinnati Step2 Riff
  Cincinnati Timestep Step1 Combination
  Combination Three & Five Tap Riffs Step1 Combination
  Cramproll Timestep Step1 Combination
  Cramproll Turns Step1 Combination
  Crossover Drawbacks Step1 Riff
D Double Cincinnatti Step3 Riff
  Double Pull Back Step2 Riff
  Double Maxi Ford Step3 Riff
  Double Wing Step2 Riff
  Drawbacks Step1 Riff
F Flap Basic  
  Flap Chug Step1  
  Flap Double Heels Step1  
  Flap Double Heel Turns Step1  
  Flap Heels Step1  
  Flap Hops Step1  
H Heel Drop Step 1  Single Sound On Ryhthm
  Heel Drop~Riff Step2  
I Intermediate Step1  
  Irishes And Maxieford Step1  
J Jump Toe Turns Step1  
M Maxi Ford Step2 Riff
  Maxi Ford Pull Back Step2 Riff
  Maxi Ford Turn Step3 Riff
  Military Cramprolls Step1  
O Over The Top Step1  
P Paradiddles Step1  
  Pick Up Hop Step Step1 Riff
  PinkPanther Step3  
R Riff Combination Step3  
  Riffle Bombershay Step1  
  Riffle Bombershay Timestep Step1  
  Running Flaps Step1  
S Shirley Temple Step2 Riff
  Shuffle Ball Change Step1  
  Shuffles Basic  
  Shuffle Step With Cha Cha Cha Step1  
  Sim Sham Step1 Combination
  Single Flap Turns Step1  
  Single Heel Turns Step1  
  Single Time Step Step2 Combination
T The Booty Pop Tap Dance Move Step1  
  The Buffalo Step1  
  The Irish Step1  
  The Maxieford Step1  
  The Maxieford With Jumpin Step1  
  The Shirley Temple Step1  
  Three Tap Riff Step1  
  Three Tap Riff Turns Step1  
  Time Step Step1  
  Trench Step1  
  Traveling Irishes Step1  
  Triple Stomp Buck Timestep Step1  
W Walking Flaps Step1  
  Waltz Clog Timestep Step1  
  Wing Steps Step2